At Trattoria Express, we offer delicious Italian catering to make any event or occasion a success. Consider us for your corporate events, holiday parties, weddings, birthday and wedding celebrations! Whatever the occasion, catering from Trattoria Express will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Note: when two prices are listed below, these reflect half and full tray prices. Half trays serve 10-15 people, full trays serve 25-30 people.

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Cheese Platter65/130
Fruit Platter60/120
Vegetable Crudités Platter55/110
Prosciutto & Melon65/130
Norwegian Smoked Salmon75/150
Shrimp Bowl (50 Pieces)160
Italian Antipasto Platter65/130
Sliced Tomato & Mozzarella65/130
Stuffed Mushrooms65/130
Clams Casino65/130
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon65/130
Crab Cakes65/130
Chicken Wings60/120
Chicken Fingers60/120
Beef Skewers65/130

Chicken Teriyaki Skewers65/130

Side Dishes

Oven Roasted Potatoes30/60
Mashed Potatoes30/60
Rice Pilaf30/60
Green Beans Amandine30/60
Honey Glazed Carrots30/60
Sautéed Mixed Vegetables30/60
Garlic Bread25/50


Tossed Salad30/60
Caesar Salad35/70
Potato Salad40/80
Macaroni Salad40/80


Assorted Sandwich Platter75/150
Tuscan Sandwich Platter85/170


Pastry Platter120
Cookie Platter75


Lasagna - Marinara75/150
Lasagna - Bolognese85/170
Baked Ziti70/140
Stuffed Shells70/140
Cheese Ravioli75/150
Penne Marinara65/130
Pasta Primavera75/150
Penne with Vodka Sauce75/150
Sweet Italian Sausage & Peppers85/170
Rigatoni Zingara85/170
Tortellini Alfredo85/170
Gnocchi Bolognese85/170
Lobster Ravioli85/170
Roasted Tenderloin260
Roast Prime Rib295
Beef Braciole140/280
Rack of Lamb130/260
Eggplant Parmigiana85/170
Chicken Cacciatore85/170
Chicken Florentine85/170
Chicken Broccoli Ziti85/170
Chicken Marsala85/170
Chicken Parmigiana85/170
Chicken Francese85/170
Chicken Rossini85/170
Veal Marsala100/200
Veal Parmigiana100/200
Veal Francese100/200
*Stuffed Sole120/240
*Baked Boston Scrod120/240
Shrimp & Scallop Scampi140/280
Baked Stuffed Shrimp150/300
Stuffed Pork loin180
Roast Sirloin295

- The Trattoria Romana Family -